About the Author/Artist

Real Name: N/A
Nom de plume: Bella Roi
Nickname: Bella, MB, Miser, BellBell, any other bastardized version of my alias.
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Blog: Link
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Age: I'm thinking of a number...and it's between one and one hundred.
Location: La La Land
Nationality: Dutch

Contact methods

AIM: miserymirror01
E-mail: misery_mirror AT hotmail DOT com

The Who and the What

I have a perverse mind, and according to others my sense of humor is dry and rather crass. I like playful banter, I don't like idiots (see: people) who can't take critiques about themselves or their work without being butthurt about it. I spend every minute I have drawing.
I haven't been drawing [seriously] for too long (since I was 14-15), and haven't taken any art classes either. I would very much like to, however. I also happen to be an extraordinary butt fetishist.
My weapons of choice are Manga Studio Debut, PhotoShop CS, and my Wacom Intuos3 tablet. For DTSiB I use PhotoShop CS.

About the Layout

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